About Us

About Us

Since starting in 1992, Emicakes has been known as Singapore's No.1 Durian Cake Maker. From our humble beginnings at our very first outlet in Tampines, we have have come a long way and are now readily accessible in 9 outlets island-wide. True to being Singapore’s No.1 Durian Cake Maker, Emicakes offers premium-grade Mao Shan Wang and D24 Durian cakes, which are arguably one of the best in the island. Not to be limited to its popular durian cakes, Emicakes has also made a name for itself from its other delicious cake flavours like chocolate, yam and mango, many of which have become household favourites.

In our desire to continually provide customers with quality products, all our cakes are made with ChiffonPlus, which is Emicakes' very own specially enhanced chiffon cake recipe. It has a reduced amount of egg yolk and added milk protein. This makes our ChiffonPlus cakes 30% lower in cholesterol and even softer compared to our regular chiffon cakes.

Emicakes also offers Eggless versions of almost all our regular cake flavours. Apart from containing no eggs, our eggless cakes are also enhanced with nutritious milk protein. This results in them being up to 70% lower in cholesterol! Emicakes Eggless cakes are probably the best tasting eggless cakes around! Our eggless cakes also do not contain any gelatin or any animal products.

Finally, if you prefer something less sweet, Emicakes has a Less Sugar range of cakes! Enjoy some of your favourite flavours in 30% less sugar versions that have the same great taste as our regular cakes, with NO artificial sweeteners used. Less sugar means less calories and less guilt. Need we say more?

Make THE HEALTHIER CHOICE today with Emicakes' ChiffonPlus, Eggless & Less Sugar cakes, and savour the wholesome taste, GUILT-FREE!

Disclaimer: Percentages provided based on an independent laboratory study and apply to our chiffon cake layers only. Please note that Emicakes does not consider its eggless cakes as “vegetarian”, as they contain milk and does not recommend it to consumers with egg allergies. Emicakes eggless cakes are made in a factory that uses eggs in other cake products.